Enhance Vocal Clarity?

Audacity 2.1.0, Win 7/64 SP1. I downloaded a beautiful melody (Elizabethan Serenade - Nelson Civic Ladies Choir) from YouTube, but when I play it on my home stereo the vocals are difficult to understand. It may be simply their accents, or the fact that it is a choir, but are there any edits I can make to enhance the vocal clarity? Thanks.

Possibly due to reverberation, if so that’s not correctable in Audacity, or any other software I know of.

You can try boosting the higher frequencies with the Equalization effect. Boosting the highs brings out the “T” & “S” sounds and that can help with intelligibility.

After boosting anything it’s a good idea to run the amplify or Normalize effect before exporting to make sure your peaks don’t exceed 0dB (to prevent clipping/distortion).

But yeah… A choir in a music hall with lots of natural reverb and possibly an amateur recording… You might have to know the song(s) to understand what’s being sung.