Enhance poorly recorded audio

Hi, an EDM-ish track I’m making needed to include a flute solo, so I got a real flutist to record it. Unfortunately, the quality of the recording isn’t all that great (I’m guessing she just used her phone) and I need this project to be done by tomorrow, so there’s no time to re-record it on a better mic. The part of the track with the solo is extremely exposed, so the solo’s audio quality needs to sound basically perfect (though it doesn’t necessarily have to sound ‘real’; sounding slightly digitally produced is fine.) I’ve messed around a bit with noise reduction and eq (why can’t I find a saturation plug-in?) but I couldn’t get it to sound good. Does anybody know any tricks to get it sounding better?

I’ve attached the [slightly spliced] original recording.

Neither can I …

Could redo it via a VSTi flute plug-in, (but that’s not possible on Audacity though).