Ends of tracks truncated when exported. Why?

Hi all.

I can’t find this problem on the forum so here goes:

I am using a Macbook Pro 13 in with OSX 10.8.2. Audacity is 2.0.2.

When I export a file, say a sample of someone saying a word, Audacity is cutting off a little of the end of the sample. This often means the the ‘tails’ of words are prematurely cut and produces a click. This is driving me mad and I am resorting to put long tails of almost silence at the end of samples or adding little noises at the end to try and stop it happening. Perhaps Audacity is autodetecting silence and “helping me” by trimming the samples. However I want to save them as I have made them and cannot.

Any ideas? I’d be very happy to solve this.



Look in the Transport menu and check that “Sound Activated Recording” is off (not selected).

Tried that Steve, thanks. However the option was off.

I have turned down the activation level to minimum, just in case that helps. Will let you know…


If Sound Activated Recording is off, the level is irrelevant.

Is the problem with truncation when recording, or only in the exported file? If only in the exported file, what format are you exporting to and what menus and drop-downs do you use to do that?

There might be truncation of content at the end of the file if you are exporting to M4A (AAC) or MP3. Both formats add silence and/or low level noise at the start on Windows, and so the end is truncated, even though the MP3 is actually slightly lengthened. The MP3 limitation is in the format, and I think the M4A limitation is likewise in the format rather than in FFmpeg which Audacity uses to export M4A, but I have never tested it.

The answer is to export to WAV or AIFF.