Endless audio recording

My computer is connected to an audio source by 3.5 mm audio jack, and audio is being sent to the computer continuously. I need to record specific bits of the audio stream, but the problem is the relevant bits are not too common and far in between so I almost always get a partial recording. I could always keep audacity on for the whole time, but then I would run out of disk space.

So is there any way I could make audacity record for a long period of time but only keeps the last ~10 minutes in memory? All my search attempts have failed, I hope someone here knows of a way to do that.

Thanks in advance.

You may be using the wrong Google Terms. You want a Surveillance Recorder. Audacity is not a surveillance recorder.

The best we can do is Sound Activated Recording. Audacity will begin recording when the sound level – set by you-- exceeds that value. In general, maximum show length is approximately 13 hours. Past that and very special measures must be taken way out of proportion to the value of the recording.

In addition to all that, your machine can’t be doing anything else during long recordings.


Thanks man, I will look into surveillance recorders.