Encoding via LAME

I currently have raw audio that I have been using Audacity with the lame plug-in to convert to Mp3 and everything works great. However, I wanted to add some functionality to a script that I already have and use the LAME command line to automate the process for me upon other things. I was wondering what LAME switches are used to take the raw file and encode it as an MP3. I read LAME’s documentation and thought I had come up with a solution but it is clearly long after listening to it or looking at it with audacity.

These are the settings I use in audacity and everything works fine.

In the LAME command line I tried: lame -r -s 11025 --resample 11025 -m m <infile.raw> <outfile.mp3>. I’ve tried that and numerous variations but never any success. Anything I’m missing, wrong about, or totally overlooking?

Edit: I solved my own problem. It should have been: lame -r -s 11.025 --resample 11.025 -m m -x <infile.raw> <outfile.mp3>