Greetings I starting knowing about Audacity Because I was searching encoders on High Quality, it says that Itunes does it fine at the moment to encode files, but then I found out about Lame. Do you think this plugin could get an Update now that the last version is 3.99 and why not was 4.00 any Ideas or info, I hope this tool would upgrade the version.

There isn’t a version 4 of LAME.
LAME is not developed by us.

I Know I was just wondering if there was any info about this.

The current development version of LAME is 3.100 alpha. I’m not aware of a release date.

[u]Here is the LAME changelog[/u]. LAME has been stable and optimized for a long time and it’s been a longer time since any changes that would affect sound quality or the use of LAME in Audacity.