Enabling plugins does not work

Hello! I wanted to remove vocals from a song, so I tried Audacity to do so and found an effect called vocalremover that came with the install. I am running 2.1.2 on Windows 7. Whenever I enable the plugin, it shows that it is enabled, so I click ok and leave the menu and open the drop down menu for effects to use it, to find it isn’t there. Opening the add/remove effects window shows me the effect is still marked as “new” as if it was never enabled. I was able to disable an effect, but after trying 2 or 3 other effects found I couldn’t enable any. Restarting Audacity enabled the one I disabled as well. Is there a trick to getting the plugin to work?

It’s in the bottom section of the Effect list, below the dividing line.
In modern versions of Audacity it has been upgraded and renamed as “Vocal Reduction and Isolation”.

I’m on Windows 10 with same issues. Clicking on Enable a plug-in does not work, when I re-open the add/remove plugins page, it is still marked as disabled and does not appear on the list of available effects.

Any fixes found?

Which version of Audacity?
Is this an update from a previous version?
Which plug-in are you trying to enable?

This is in Windows 10, just downloaded and installed Audacity version 2.4.1.

I previously used Audacity on this laptop with no issues, but the new version of Audacity has the add/remove plugins instead of just manually doing the work.

I am not a computer whiz, so some of the back end stuff takes me a minute to figure out.