Enabled plugin won't show up in effects

Hey there,
I’m trying to activate the ACX check plugin, as per the wiki instructions.
I dropped the plugin file in Appdata > Roaming > Audacity > Plugins, such that it now appears in the “add/remove plugins” window.
Despite having enabled the plugin there, it won’t appear in the dropdown effects menu - and yes I’ve checked below the miscellaneous divider.
What am I doing wrong here?

Thankyou for your help in advance!

Using 2.1.3

Also - I use windows 10

That’s because it’s not an effect. It’s in Analyze.


You can confuse ACX-Check. ACX Check searches for a half-second of quiet in your show and measures that for noise. If there is no half-second, it takes what it can get and probably gives you crazy high noise readings. So somewhere in the performance, freeze and hold your breath for about a second. We can hear your pants moving, so do not move.

No fair Generating Silence, either. Nobody will believe your noise is that good.

ACX builds Room Tone (background noise) into the submission instructions, so you’ll need to do this for them anyway.