Enabled Plugin Still Wont Show Up.

OK so I have my .ddl file for Guitar rig in my plugins file for audacity. In the effects manager every time I start Audacity I see guitar rig 4 plugin in the new section every time. Whether I record something in that session or enable guitar rig 4 and just restart audacity its not showing up in my effects menu. I have to enable it every start up and then it wont even show up in my list. Please help!

Did you notice the pink box?

Your Audacity version and Windows version are really necessary to trace this kind of problem.

Did you notice “Operating System” under the user’s name? :wink:

We usually need the Audacity version number but from the description it is obviously either 2.1.1 or a 2.1.2 RC.


It should be a DLL file not DDL.

Guitar Rig v4 used to crash Audacity on Mac OS X. I don’t know about Windows but it could be that version of Guitar Rig is not compatible with Audacity. Try Guitar Rig v5, which works with Audacity on OS X so might be more compatible on Windows.

Be aware that the Guitar Rig plugin will not allow Audacity to apply effects while recording.


Yes, quite, found it. Took me 30 seconds or so as I had wondered before where this info would appear.


Shouldn’t you change the pink box to reflect that? And what about people who have more than one computer, or who have a Windows computer at work and a Mac at home, fi. Fringe case, I’ll admit. :smiley:

Also, there is a very nasty crack around for Guitar Rig 4 that contains a persistent trojan that necessitates a format C:/. Hope the OP isn’t hit by that.

Perhaps. I wondered too, but existing users will still need to tell us the OS in their post, unless they have gone to their user profile and chosen the OS. I don’t want to make the text in the pink box a lot more complex than now.

As it says everywhere the selection is offered

Select your main system if you have multiple systems.



Yes, Gale, as usual you have given it more thought than I have :smiley: