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Please can someone advise as i have been using Audacity for 5 years recording with my current hardware / software set up with no problems and am reasonably tech minded.

Windows 10 and Audacity 64 bit is uptodated to latest version .

After an Itunes and Pioneer Rekordbox update to the latest versions, i can no longer see the signal on the Audacity graphic monitor or record any waveform input at all coming in from the from the Pioneer mixer .

The PC is connected to a Pioneer mixer and all the device names have been selected correctly for recording and as inputs and output. i can even view the signal from the mixer on a pioneer rekordbox application on the pc as a waveform input- therefore all usb connections, cables , sound drivers work .
So for some reason it is not talking with Audacity . I have been through the manual , all forums etc and done practically all i know but still can’t see the magic signal input as a waveform/sound . I have obviously tested Audacity with the microphone on the pc and that records no problem - it just will not pick up the signal from the pioneer mixer , which has been connected for 5 years and recording no problem to audacity (prior to any software changes).

Please can anyone advise on what to try next and are there any Audacity selections / settings or any pc connection to audacity settings/software that i’ve missed maybe or have dropped out during changes ? Thanks Ian

So the obvious question is did you try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices ?

Hi ,
Yes I’ve tried this - it finds the device no problem . The pioneer mixer is listed in the playback and recording input and output drop downs under devices .

I get a signal and recording levels when microphone is selected , just not the mixer

  1. What model Pioneer Rekordbox ?
  2. How is everything connected?
  3. How does iTunes factor in to this setup ?
  4. After you run Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, please run Help > Diagnostics > Audio Device Info…, then post the results