EmvoiceOne plugin not recognized

Hello everyone,

Thank you for hosting this forum.
I run Windows 10, with Audacity

I have searched the FAQ, the Internet, and this forum for my specific problem. Please forgive me, should my question already have been treated. I am new to music editing, and all the new terminology can overwhelm me a bit, especially in the face of some rather substantial documentation.

I’m trying to install a voice synthesizing plugin called Emvoice (https://emvoiceapp.com/). They say they should be compatible with Audacity, but Audacity does not recognize the plugin after I have run the Emvoice setup. I tried to see if there are any .ny files in the Emvoice installation folder that might needed to be moved to the Audacity plugin folder, but no luck there.

I came across the term VST. This seems to be a type of software that intermediates between the myriad types of plugins and the myriad audio editing applications. On searching the Internet for this, I merely found costly “plugin bundles”. This seems to imply that my understanding that VST is an intermediating piece of software is wrong. This means I am truly clueless as how to install Emvoice, and would really appreciate some help here. Again, I apologize should this be a common question already answered, answers that my neophyte eyes obviously could not recognize.

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Audacity does not support VST or AU instruments, so I doubt that it will work in Audacity.

I’d suggest that you ask them how to use it with Audacity.

emvoice do explicitly mention Audacity …

They do offer a 32-bit version, but no joy in Audacity in Windows …
It’s gotta be a VSTi, that would exclude Audcaity.