EMU 0202 USB isn't recognised as recording device

I bought an EMU 0202 USB soundcard today and have installed it and all the software and drivers provided. I am trying to record a DJ mix from my turntables/mixer with audacity.

i understand i need to select the EMU 0202 as the ‘recording device’, but when i try it doesn’t appear in the drop down box. the strange thing is i can select it in the box above as the ‘playback device’

any ideas?

i am using vista if that helps

That’s important.

On Vista you need to enable devices before you can use them. See here: Missing features - Audacity Support

the soundcard doesnt appear in that box either.

i have had it working with the software that came with the soundcard, so the laptop must recognise it, but audacity doesn’t seem to want to

If it doesn’t appear then it’s no-go (your computer does not know that it exists).

Are you sure you have enabled “Show Disabled Devices”?
If you have and it’s still not showing, try rebooting the computer (do a full reboot, not just “go to sleep/wake up”).