embedding narative track in an audio file


First of all - I’ve spent time in the tutorials and manual and now know how to record a narration file and import an audio (mp3 file) into it. What I’m trying to achieve is create a subliminal recording to help me relax/sleep using my own choice of masking music and my own choice of narrative - not some “store bought clone”. So far I’ve recorderd my narrative at around -17 db and imported in my chosen music track. But obviously my narrative is quite short compared to the music track. So without me having to create a very long narrative by rerecording the same phrase over and over is there a way for me to repeat the narrative track through out the music. (do I have to cut and paste it over and over to match the musics length or is there some command string that will allow me to repeat the phrase without so much work. (I know I can loop the narrative track but I only know how to do that for the individual narrative track. I need to loop the narrative track while the music track plays beginning to end and be able to save it and duplicate it so that I can use this new recording as a template switching music or narrative tracts at will.

Thanks ahead of time for your technical know help,


Try the Repeat effect - see this page in the manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/repeat.html

Ok - first thank you for replying so quickly and yes the repeat function works fine . One more thing - I think for now - although the repeat function will imbed my narrative phrase multiple times like I want it to - it also sets a fixed amt of space between each repeat - is there a way to control spacing (dead spots) so I can push more of my narration phrase into a given area ? ie: if the music track is 7 mins long I want to repeat as many times as possible within that seven minute track. Now although I can repeat as many times as I want I can only repeat within the music track a fixed amt because of the dead space it forces on me.

Thanks Again for your help - it’s been invaluable.


Repeat doesn’t add dead space. Just drag-select over your spoken words without selecting any space around them, then Effect > Repeat that selection.



Thank you for your advice - got things straightened out immediately. Apparently My original narration track had the dead space already in it and audacity was merely copying it over and over. Did what you said - highlighted the narration track with only small amt of dead space and ran repeat - bingo !! problem solv4ed . Appreciate you people taking time to answer what is probably rudimentary to you - but what can you expect from a “newbie” . :wink: