Is there a simple way using Audacity to send spoken emails to avoid all that typing? And, if so, how would I do it please? I am sorry if it sounds like a silly question. I am very new here.


Record yourself, and export the recording in MP3 format to keep the size down.
Create a normal e-mail containing words such as: “Hi sweetheart / Dear Sir / Hello Mum … please listen to the audio message attached”. Add the MP3 as an attachment and send it.

Tip: Make the recording in mono and use a fairly low bit rate for the MP3 (say, 32 kbps) so as to keep the file size down.
Tip: Keep the size of the MP3 to less than 1MB. Some e-mail message boxes have a 1 MB limit.
Tip: Don’t tell them that it is because you can’t be bothered to type.
Tip: Avoid sending the file in an uncommon format unless you know for certain that the recipient can play that format.

I do not know if I am doing this right. Anyway, I hope you will get to see it. You say reduce the bit rate to 32kbps. Is that the “Project Rate” set at 44100 Hz.? And do I reduce it to 32000? It will be a few days until I can do this. I am sending to Amazon for a sound card. Thanks for your help Steve

Leave the Project Rate at 44100 Hz.
Set the MP3 bit rate in the Export Options (when you export)
For voice by e-mail I would suggest that you record in mono (at 44100 Hz sample rate) and select “Constant Bit Rate > 32kbps” in the MP3 Export options.