Hi guys, I have a laptop that I record on to with Audacity. When I export my file to MP3 or WAV the recordings are perfect. When I email them the file arrives split, ie voice on the left and backing on the right. Has anybody else had the same problem?

There’s something wrong on your end that you’re not hearing the actual 2-channel stereo. There’s no way to “accidentally” un-mix audio. (It’s not easy to un-mix intentionally and it never works perfectly.)

If you want mono (the same thing in both channels) there is a little drop-down arrow to the left of the waveform and you can select Split Stereo to Mono. When you export you’ll get a single mono track that plays out of both speakers.

Or, you can Split Stereo Track and then pan each track toward (but not fully) the left or right as desired. But, you’ll need to fix your setup so you can hear the results.

So, dig through your Windows audio setting sand try to find a “mono” setting. Change that to stereo and you’ll probably hear the vocal & backing track spit left & right.

See how that plays. That’s a stereo MP3 file with the channels identified.


The first three segments of that sound file, Left, Right, and Mono might sound more or less OK on a mono system, but the fourth segment, Out Of Phase, is intentionally damaged. It will vanish or become significantly distorted on a mono system. That’s the “Busted” moment.

On a proper stereo system, segment four may sound deep or maybe like it’s coming from behind you. It should not reduce in volume.