Emailing tracks

I’m having trouble emailing an unfinished song to my friend who was going to put some percussion over it. I don’t want to just send him a .wav file. I want to send him the track so that he can open it and see all the tracks in Audacity on his computer. I tried sending the data but that included so many files and it said it was too large. I tripping zipping them so they would be compressed but it still said too large. I tried sending the file with the little audacity logo next to it. He said that it wouldn’t let him open that one.

The Audacity Project requires both the _data folder and the AUP file.
It’s a good idea to ZIP them as it ensures that the two parts stay together. How big is it when you do that?

I believe email is limited to 10MB. But, it may depend on your email provider. A lot of people use dropbox or a similar online service. Or, you can snail-mail a CD. :smiling_imp:

Yahoo Mail attachment limit is 25MB. If I need to transfer anything larger than that I post it on my web site. I’m a dot-com. Normal people sign up for a file hosting service. Fair warning not to choose one that insists subscribers need to “register” or Log In. those are just user harvesting machines.

And yes, the tiny AUP text file tells Audacity what to do with all that stuff in the _DATA folder. The folder contains the actual music in special file format. The project is the format that contains all the original tracks and work panels. But it doesn’t contain UNDO.


Or, you can snail-mail a CD.

Or Data DVD or Data BluRay depending on how much stuff you have and whether or not you still have an optical burner. That’s not a bad way. It gives a hardware backup of the work. I still do that with some clients.


Thanks for the advice everyone. I ended up putting the .aup and the zipped data files on dropbox. We’ll see if my friend can get them off there. Hopefully he will, in which case you won’t hear from me again.

Hopefully he will

I think you used the wrong words in that post. You Zip everything: the AUP file and the _DATA folder. It’s very important those two not get separated. The AUP file will not go looking for the _DATA folder. If they’re not in the same location or folder, the show won’t open.