Emailing a compete album so tracks are present on the destination file

Running the newest Audacity on a mac running Ventura. Can I use audacity to create an album mp3 file that I then can email to someone else.? Then they can drop onto their music app and it will open with the seperate tracks. I will occasionally buy albums through Bandcamp. After purchase I will usually get an email that says download which I do. The downlaod appears in my download file. Then to hear it I drop that file onto my apple msuic app. It will then appear in the music apps recent window as any other album. All tracks are sperate and numbered. Thanks

Email has file size limits of usually 20-25MB so you’ll probably only be able to attach few songs to each email.

Of course, it’s a copyright violation to share copies. :wink:

What happens if I put the sperate songs in one folder ?

It probably won’t work that way. You can try to put all songs in one folder and then use “.zip” to make it one single file. But the resulting file will not be considerably smaller.


I am not necessarly trying to make the file smaller. The zip step is probably exactly the answer. Thanks I will respond if so.

Your whole-album zip file will probably still be too big to email.

You could have sent 10 separate emails by now…

There are online-/cloud file sharing services (some free) and you could email link to the shared file. That would be easy to use with a zip file that can contain the music and artwork, etc. But there should be a password or something to keep it private (shouldn’t be a problem)… If you share it with the whole world you might get busted for music piracy.

No luck with putting the seperate audio files into a folder zipping that foldr and having them appear as one album in my apple music app. When I open a folder from Bandcamp it certain looks like what has been done before I pay for it and it is sntr to me,

Okay What I need to do to make thid work is have all the files identified in the same way. What is key is the album title. Can Audacity files be alerted to do that ?

A zipped file needs to be unzipped at its destination. Neither Audacity nor Apple Music (nor any other music-recording / music-playing program will ever deal with .zip-files.

Yep. I believe I said and maybe not clearly enough that a bandcamp arrives as a zip file and my imac immediately opens it as folder. Again that folder not a zip file can be dragged into my apple music as a folder. If I open a perviously purchased Bandcamp folder. I see the seperate tracks and the album cover jpeg. Maybe the question is how much control I have with exporting from audacity. Ideally speaking with someone who has uploaded to bandcamp could explain who deos what in the process. Does someone at Bandcamp do some sort of layout work after the musician sents it in ?