email aup files to my laptop

My desktop and Laptop both use Windows 10. My Audacity version is 2.0.6.
I can record speech files on my desktop from a Digitech cassette tape player onto my desktop into my Audacity.
It took me several days to copy about 8 hours worth of recorded spoken text onto Audacity and then remove noise for many more hours to try and get the best result. I am however unable to remove the noise to an acceptable level. So that took many more hours to finally relent and use them. Now I tried to copy these aup files to my Laptop by emailing them to it. I have not been able to do this. My laptop Audacity wants the ‘data’ file that is associated with the actual sound file. It is however impossible to email the data files. I did email the mp3 version of the aup file but somehow it did not send the whole file, only 666 kb instead of about 45 MB. I sent a link to this MP3 file using Drop box for this as regular email does not like large files.

How can I accomplish this without recording all the cassette tapes again but then on the laptop.
I need to be able to listen to the aup files on the laptop and translate the Dutch spoken text on them into English and then speak the English as I go so my granddaughter can then type what I say in real time on the desktop. This text will go into my book whose text has been created in Windows WORD on my desktop. I do not have Windows WORD on my laptop, nor any other text processing program.

Not quite. Audacity needs both the AUP file and its associated _data folder.

The AUP file does not contain any audio. The audio is in the _data folder as lots of little “block files” (which are fragments of audio data). The AUP (“AUdacity Project” file) contains instructions to tell Audacity how to reassemble the data fragments back into a meaningful project. Both the AUP file and the _data folder are required.

Generally it is easier to send a normal audio file, such as an MP3 file rather than an Audacity project.

Where are you sending them from?
Have you been working with Audacity on a desktop machine and want to transfer to your laptop machine? If you have physical access to both machines, it would probably be easiest to use a USB thumb drive to transfer the files. Large capacity thumb drives are quite cheap these days.

What size is the MP3 on the original machine (where you created the MP3)?
What size is the MP3 in your dropbox folder? (log into your dropbox account with your web browser and the web page should show you the file size).
If the file size is correct on dropbox, but too small when downloaded, that is probably due to the Internet connection failing, in which case, try downloading it again.