Eliminating the 'Preview' button when applying Plug-Ins to audio


I have a coupe of requests regarding the application of plug-ins to selected audio.

First, it would be wonderful to be able to listen to plug-ins and how they are effecting the audio without having to use ‘Preview’. Simply highlight the bit of audio one wishes to effect, open a desired plug-in, playing back the audio with the spacebar. The spacebar (while a plug-in is open) would make starting/stopping playback quick and easy.

Similarly, it would be extra wonderful if we were able to have the ability to manipulate the plug-in parameters while being able to hear the changes the plug-in is making in real time, as the selected audio plays.

Because of the ‘Preview’ button, we can’t hear the changes we’re making to the plug-in while we’re making them, so have to guess at the changes we’re applying. This doesn’t make any sense. We should be able to hear the changes we’re applying to plug-in as we’re making them.

As a sound designer, having this freedom to quickly effect both the plug-in and audio quickly would be fantastic, as well as practical.

Thanks kindly!

If you use realtime effects via the Effects button in the track header (instead of the Effects menu), they do work like that. Note that most of Audacity’s built-in effects have not been converted to work with this system.

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback … this is great to know!

Now that I know this, it leads me to my final request on the same subject …

It would be wonderful to have the option to apply the effects destructively. Often, I will highlight a small (or large) amount of audio and go over and over it applying many different effects until I get the sound that I want, and then move on to the next audio bit. In other words:

  • Highlight audio portion to be effected
  • Open and manipulate plug-in
  • Hit an ‘Apply’ button so the effect is printed to the audio destructively
  • Open the next plug-in(s) and continue this same process …

Because it’s non-destructive and doesn’t contain an ‘Apply’ button for each plug-in, we’re unable to do this. I would be incredibly grateful if this could be incorporated into a future Audacity upgrade!

Thank you!

You can chain multiple realtime effects, and change their order which can make a difference to the sound …
2 realtime effects chain in Audcaity3

Thanks for your feedback Trebor. This is a great feature of Audacity!

In the end, I’m hoping that for a future update, Audacity will give us the option of being able to choose between Destructive and Non-Destructive editing/plug-in application (‘Apply’). I simply use Audacity to mangle and destroy many highlighted portions of single audio files with plug-ins (not just applying a variety of effects to the whole track itself), so having the option to choose the older method of Destructive editing (again, without a ‘Preview’ button) would be fast, efficient and incredibly useful to me and others wishing to work this way.

Thanks for considering this Audacity! :slight_smile:

If you “mix and render” a track which has a realtime effect it should* be applied to it.
(the effect will be applied to the entire selected track, whether you like it or not).

[ * in some cases the default plugin settings are applied by Audacity3 :disappointed: ]

I use Audacity 2.3.2 … Old Audacity versions download
But it will not accept VST3 plugins, just VST2, but they work in realtime without preview.

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