Eliminate ambient noise recording computer playback[SOLVED]

I run and record webinar meetings on Webex. The video recordings are an .arf file. With Audacity I then make a mp3 file. The recording works well if it is done in a silent room. If not, the ambient noise records - for instance i cannot record while watching TV or the TV is recorded instead. If i try to turn the input volume down in System Preferences : Sound : Input then nothing records. Is there a way to record just what is being played on the computer without the ambient noise?

I have OS 10.6.8
System Preferences:
Sound effects : Play sound effects through internal speakers
Use audio port for: Sound output - mute is unchecked
Output : Soundflower (2ch)
Input : Internal microphone : Built in
Use ambient noise reduction is checked

Audacity Preferences
Devices: Playback - Soundflower 2ch
Recording - Built-in Input
Recording: Overdub is checked
Libraries: LAME MP3 Library has been downloaded
Haven’t touched anything else

Audacity Recording Window
Core Audio
Output device : Soundflower 2ch
Input device : Built-in Input
Input channels : 2

Thank you for your help - I am sure there is an easy fix.

You are recording your TV? Then you are recording your built-in microphone and not Soundflower.


It’s a head-bender getting this right. When you do hit it, you should be able to scratch on the grill in front of the microphone (mine is to the left of the Shift and Fn keys) without it appearing in the show.

You should know that some applications like my off-air TV software have their own sound management, so if the canned solution doesn’t work, that may be another place to look.


Thank you so much! That worked perfectly. :smiley: