electro brand cassette converter

Anybody have experience with the electro brand model 2036 USB cassette converter?
I cannot get Audacity to recognize the device so I cannot input any audio. I can set the Audacity Preferences for the device,
and the device shows up in my Mac’s Sound Preferences. In fact I can see audio is coming into the Mac from the device but
I can’t figure out how to make Audacity see it. Maybe the Electro Brand is a dud? Maybe I should chuck and look for the device mentioned by other here,…the Behringer?
THanks for any thoughts. Lou

In System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy, does Audacity have permission to access the Microphone?
– Bill

Thanks Bill. Seemed counterintuitive but it worked.

Agreed. To Apple, “microphone” means “any audio input”.
– Bill