Electric guitar sounds staticy and over driven through USB

Moved to the correct Linux board
When I try to record (or) monitor my sound while recording, I get a product that is like my sound, but only a lot more high pitched or over driven with amp gain. I have an electric guitar with distortion effect and use a USB cable to hook into my desktop, this staticy-blare noise doesn’t happen when recording guitar with clean sounding effect, only distortion effect. I’ve tried going into the alsamixer (in the terminal) to adjust all the levels, nothing really made a difference tho. I also tried to lower the amp gain dial on my distortion processor/pedal, and nothing.
Any tips greatly appreciated!

*note: It used to work about two months ago???

Also, could this have anything to do with Jack Audio?

use a USB cable to hook into my desktop.

Let’s start there. We assume your guitar does not speak USB out of the shrink-wrap, so what is the USB Adapter and what kinds of connections does it have? Pretend I want to buy one.