Electric drums


I have windows 10, and I’m trying to record a Roland kit onto audacity using a Behringer u-phoria um22 to tie it all in…

Now,I can hear the guitar tracks that have been recorded & I can also hear the kit when I play it but when I press to record it doesn’t record the kit…

It should light up green then yellow etc on Audacity when I hit the kit but it’s not showing up tho on the UM22 the levels are showing…

Any help would be very much appreciated

Thanks in advance

Willie G :zap:

Check your settings in the Device Toolbar.
(Note that you should connect the USB device before launching Audacity.)

Hi, yeah I’ve checked that and it says

Microphone USB audio codec, then

Mono recording channel,then

Speakers usb audio codec

No sign of any kit or any sound registering above that part…

Can’t be that difficult to get this to work

Any other ideas

Which input(s) are you using on the UM22?

I’m using what’s marked as INST 2 on the um2,it’s not um 22

Any ideas?

INST 2 will only be recorded by Audacity if you are recording 2 channels (stereo). When recording 1 channel (mono) Audacity will record only the first input of the device (marked “Mic / Line 1” on the UM2). Note that “Mic / Line 1” can accept a 3 pin XLR or a 1/4" jack plug.

Hi,ok I’ve changed it to mic/line 1 now,the drums seem faint in the background now,is this normal? It’s a 1/4 jack plug that’s in it.

It’s now registering on the mic levels too on Audacity so that’s a step forward as well…

Any idea how I’d get the kit to sound better then…it’s like it’s in a big hall…if that’s makes sense?


You should be able to get a good strong signal into Audacity.

Ensure that the Roland is turned well up, then gradually increase the input level for mic/line 1 until the red “clip” LED just starts to come on, then back off the input level a little so that the clip LED does not come on.

When you’ve got the level set there, check the level in Audacity. Ideally you will be peaking just a little over half the track height (-6 dB) but must remain under 0 dB at all times.

Ok thanks I’ll keep that In mind…

Think I’ll need to go thru the kit sounds n see what’s what… never used an electric kit before