I have version 2.0.0 on Vista Home, and used the exe install.

After adding effects to one audio clip. how do I transfer those effects to additional clips so there is perfect continuity, as i have to start and stop quite a bit.

Thank you.

Audacity has a Batch tool called Chains.



It would be good to update to the current 2.0.5: http://audacityteam.org/download/windows .


If you really mean different clips within a track, Chains apply to the whole of the selected track(s).


I’ve never used chains. I clicked on it and there were two choices:clean speech and mp3 conversion. Not sure what to do w these, All I want, is for my voice to keep the same effects on succeeding clips in the same track.
And thanks for responding.

If you click the link http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/chains_for_batch_processing_and_effects_automation.html it explains that you have to create a new chain and add the effects you want to that chain.

But I don’t think anyone understands what the problem is.

Please describe exactly what you do from starting Audacity up. How many Audacity tracks are there on top of each other?

If you only have one Audacity track, why doesn’t selecting all the audio then running the effect on that work?

What effect do you want to produce, and what effects are you using now?