effects menu item text is not visable

i am running windows 7 and have installed the newest released version of audacity 2.0 i went and also installed the plugins file .
When i select the menu item Effect the menu appears empty. I can click on a random place in the visually empty menu and whatever effects option is supposed to be in that location opens. But i can’t see the menu items. It’s as if the text is the same color as the background of the drop down menu. I hope i’m making sense.

What can i do to fix this?


and also installed the plugins file .

Which plugins file might that be? Do you mean the “lame” and “FFMpeg” software? If you install Audacity clean from first birthday and don’t help it, it will arrive with a slate of built-in effects all by itself.

Do Not Reinstall Audacity. You can “reset” Audacity without doing that by managing the preferences file.


Scroll down to Resetting Preferences.


LADSPA plug-ins 0.4.15 installer

so are these additional effects not useable with the 2.0 release?

So are all the Audacity menus like this? Please attach a screenshot (“Upload attachment” underneath where you post) and tell us what Windows theme you are using. Did Microsoft supply it?


the only menu that does it is the effects menu but only when the LADSPA effect option is enabled, the others function normally.

the first pic is without LADSPA selected and the second is with LADSPA selected.

Needless to say I cannot reproduce the problem on Windows 7 with Aero enabled and a Microsoft theme.

Please tell us where you got the theme that changes the Windows globe into a paw and produces Mac OS X like window buttons.


i’m using window blinds 7, the Sabertooth skin. and it only does it to the effects menu the rest like file and edit all work correctly