Effects menu extends below screen bottom

Version: 2.0.3

Running Win 8 the effects menu appears to extend below the bottom of the screen instead of stopping and having a scrollbar on my system (Acer W700 tablet).

Any idea how to solve this?

In case I’m unclear, here’s a screenshot of what I’m experiencing:

Thank you for any information.

Thanks for the report.

I cannot test it right now, but can you please state what screen resolution you are using. The minimum supported Audacity vertical resolution is 600 px.

Can you scroll by hovering over an item in the menu then using DOWN arrow on the keyboard or by typing H, which should toggle between Hard Limiter and High Pass Filter?

Can you scroll by pressing ALT then holding C to open the Effect Menu?

You can set a shortcut for any effects in Keyboard Preferences .


Terribly sorry, I should have specified. 1920x1080

Can you scroll by hovering over an item in the menu then using DOWN arrow on the keyboard or by typing H, which should toggle between Hard Limiter and High Pass Filter?

The effects are each highlighted one by one vertically and descending but once the highlight gets to the bottom of the screen it disappears (I assume while it highlights off screen effects) until it reappears at the top of the list. The menu does not change to maintain the highlighted effect within view.

Can you scroll by pressing ALT then holding C to open the Effect Menu?

Same problem as when opening the menu by clicking.

You can set a shortcut for any effects in > Keyboard Preferences > .


Thank you, if the problem persists I’ll just handle it that way, though I’m an infrequent enough user that I would need to check each time I think (or make a cheat sheet and keep it in a drawer).

Thanks for your help,

Any more info by any chance?

If not, is there any further testing I can do to help support fixing the issue in future updates?

I tried it on Windows 8 Enterprise (the same laptop that I run Windows 7 on). I don’t see the problem at the largest 1366x768 resolution it supports. I tried upside-down landscape at that resolution and also portrait at 800x600 (which requires my Effect menu to scroll).

No one else has reported this. Have you changed anything to do with the graphics like changing the driver? Have you attached an external monitor?

I don’t have any more suggestions other than if you wanted to, try some screen resolution changes, or see if you want to try some of these applications built with the same wxWidgets toolkit as Audacity to see if they have long enough menus that you can test.



Hi Gale,

The driver is the original driver, no changes.

I’m using Windows 8 Pro with 10 point multi-touch enabled.

I tried changing resolutions (all available, down to the lowest), disabling auto screen rotation, disconnecting the external monitor, and I have Dropbox (listed in the Wiki you linked) up and running on my machine with no issues with the scrollbars or menus.

Is there a way I can enable a scrollbar in the menus in Audacity?

It seems like I remember that on my old machine there was a little arrow at the bottom of menus which I would hover the mouse over in order to scroll. That little arrow is not present now. Though perhaps I’m remembering wrong, I’m only an occasional user these days.

Again, I appreciate the help!

Yes, normally there is a downward-pointing arrow at the bottom of the Effect menu if it is too tall for the screen:
normal effect menu behaviour.png
As you can also see (due to a bug in the Widgets 2.8.12 version we use) when the menu is too tall, it overflows upwards and covers the other menus (which you don’t seem to experience).

I don’t have any more ideas beyond turning off touch as an experiment and using the mouse (or adding shortcuts). I would assume if you look in Keyboard Preferences, in the “Effect” category, that all the effects will be listed even though you cannot see them in the menu.

Possibly Ed who helps on the Forum may be able to make an Audacity build you could try using a later Widgets version that fixes the Effect menu bug noted above. That may or may not help your problem.


Sorry, I didn’t see this until now.

If anyone wants to create a build and have me test it I’d be glad to do so, or perform other operations which might be useful. I’m not too concerned for my own use since I can just set shortcut keys, but I’m happy to help if wanted. It’s the least I can do after the use I’ve gotten over many years with Audacity.

Thanks. I’ve asked Edgar but I think he is away for a few days.


Edgar has given me a build of Audacity 2.0.2-alpha (so an older version) that he built with wxWidgets 2.9.3. I’ve packaged it with the GPL Licence, README and necessary files and put it here: http://gaclrecords.org.uk/test-builds/audacity-2.0.2-alpha-debug-wxWidgets-2.9.3.zip .

It doesn’t cure the Effect Menu overflow I mentioned. :frowning: Also it is little tested, so use at your own risk.


I’m away from my computer for the entire month of June and reading the forum via my iPad’s cell phone connection which has a very tiny data plan (when I can’t find a Wi-Fi signal). Don’t expect a lot of support from me on this for now!

As a temporary solution I would recommend removing all Nyquist plug-ins which you don’t use. In the same folder/directory in which Audacity resides on your machine you will find a folder called plug-ins which contains all of your plug-ins (if you have added VST or other plug-ins you might want to bring them as well - ask your for details if needed); create a new folder in your plug-ins folder (I would call it “unused” or some such) and move all of the unneeded plug-ins there; Audacity should now ignore them but they will not be gone forever.

No problem whatsoever about the month of June, I’m working around the issue. I’m happy to test anything with my hardware if it helps anyone else, but from my perspective the problem is not one I’m concerned about so I’ll leave it up to you as to whether you want to build something and have me test it. I work in a school system so I’m terribly busy this time of year, but feel free to PM me or otherwise reach out (I check my email but don’t get much free time for forum surfing this time of year) if this is something you’re interested in pursuing (I’m unconcerned, personally, but happy to test if you want me to).

There is the Audacity build made with Widgets 2.9.3 that I already posted. It would be nice to know if that makes any difference. Otherwise it will be up to Ed it he wants to make a build with latest widgets later in the Summer.

Did you try it turning all the touch features off? I cannot see any other mention of this problem on the internet.