Effects Installed Not All Working

Hello everybody I’m kinda new here so don’t judge if this turns out to be a stupid question with an obvious solution. Recently I installed some effects: (the names are the names of the folders they are in) bjflanger, bjlofi, bjovrdrv, bjrngmod, bjtremlo, bjwavech2. I did not extract the files, which normally I do, but the effects showed up anyway without it. The ones that worked are bjlofi, bjovrdrv, bjrngmod, and bjtremlo. The two that didn’t work are the ones I was looking most forward to!!! I tried seeing if it would work on Bj Flanger if I extracted the files into the plug-ins, but it made no difference. The files are VST effects. I saved them under Audacity Plug-ins.

You can’t expect plug-ins to work if you leave them in the zip.

The WaveChanger v2 and bjflanger work OK for me in current Audacity 2.0.2.

Try the installer and/or WaveChanger v3 here http://www.bojo-software.com/. Don’t change the installer path then it should work.

Instructions to install VST plug-ins are here http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/VST_Plug-ins#VST_support_in_Audacity .


I didn’t leave them in zip files. I exported the zip file BJ (i think) and it contained a lot of normal folders (not zip) with the effect names. I wasn’t sure whether to extract them or not. It works better if I actually DON’T extract from the normal folders, which surprised me, but two effects didn’t show up when I rescanned Audacity.

And thanks for the Wavechanger thing but I really want BJ Flanger. I got the effects off the VST Plug-Ins from the Audacity Wiki.

I just noticed it is a .dll file does that have anything to do with it?

You can’t have any items still in zip files, but some effects may require to be kept in their own folder. That should not be a problem. When Audacity checks a folder that it is supposed to check for VST effects ( see here for the folders it looks in ) then it also looks in other folders within the folder it checks.

I > really > want BJ Flanger.

As I said, I explicitly tested BJFlanger. The version I found to work was in this installer http://www.bojo-software.com/downloads/bjfreeplugins.exe .

I just noticed it is a .dll file does that have anything to do with it?

It has to be a DLL or Audacity won’t do anything with it.