Effects, Equalizer not show higher frequencies

Win10 64 bit, Audacity 2.3.2.
First, “Yes, google and help files not answer”.

Effects, equalizer show frequencies only from 0 Hz to 10 000 Hz. Over 10 000 is not visible.

Vertical, it is dB is adjustable. But, Horizontal not. I try click any places in Hz, settings, shrink equalizer window wider (2 display mean 1 meter :smiley:). Nothing. Over than 10 kHz is not visible.

So: How I can adjust it effect equalizer show up to 20 kHz? Again: “Help files and google not help”. All it information not work.

The Equalizer automatically adjusts according to the sample rate of the selected track(s).

The maximum possible frequency in a track, is half the sample rate. If the track sample rate is 22050 Hz, then the audio frequency range is 0 to 11025 Hz. CD quality audio has a sample rate of 44100 Hz, which gives it an audio frequency range of 0 to 22050 Hz.