Effects don't show up?

Downloaded and correctly inserted many effects into the plugins folder, they don’t show up in the effects menu…most notably freeverb.

Audacity 2.0.6
Installed audacity via exe, plugins via zip mostly.

Have done the “rescan” through settings and when it scans it finds them but I still don’t see them in the effects menu in audacity once it is open…

Assuming these are VST effects please read How do I install VST plug-ins?.

Note that the new effects are in the bottom part of the Effect menu, and that they are ordered by the name of the plugin manufacturer.

Make sure you downloaded/extracted 32-bit versions of the plugins. Audacity does not load 64-bit versions, does not load VST 3 plugins and does not load VST instruments.

Make sure in Edit > Preferences, then the Effects section that you have enabled the plugin types you want.


I did check all the way down the menu, and I checked to make sure hey were 32 bit, and I put them in the correct folder and VST is enabled, and I already read through the whole VST plugin installation forum…followed it to a T…

That’s my dilema lol

And still no fix, any ideas anyone? I downloaded them, installed them to the proper folder (programfilesx86) and checked the box for rescanning and they show up when I reopen in a list…I check all the boxes and it quickly runs through them and opens audacity, but when I go to the effects toolbar they aren’t there…not even at the bottom of it…

Sorry, but we are not able to see your computer. Can you give a specific example (with download address) of a plugin that won’t load in the Effect Menu?

As I said, Audacity will not load VST instruments or VST 3 plugins. If that is what you have, they will appear in “Install VST Effects” but will not appear in the Effect Menu.

If these are Waves plugins or other plugins that use a VST shell to control multiple plugins, Audacity 2.0.6 does not support them. The next 2.1.0 release of Audacity will support them.

If you really did that, that would be the explanation. In a properly set up Windows system there should not be a “programfilesx86” folder. It should be “Program Files (x86)” (note the spaces).

But in that case Audacity would not even see the effects stored in “programfilesx86” in the “Install VST Effects” dialogue, unless there was a “VST_PATH” environment variable pointing to that custom folder.

Audacity supplied by us does not have an Effects Toolbar. There is an Effect Menu: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/effect_menu.html.

Just in case there is some kind of file corruption going on, what you could do is quit Audacity, then make sure you are showing hidden files and folders as per http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-see-hidden-files-in-windows/#win7. Then in Windows Explorer, go to UsersAppDataRoamingAudacity . In that folder:

  • Delete the file “plugins.cfg”.
  • Open the file “audacity.cfg” in Notepad or other text editor, select all the text, then delete that text. Then paste in the following text at the top of the file and save the file:

Note that if you initialise audacity.cfg you will lose any custom preferences you made.


Make sure in Edit > Preferences, then the Effects section that you have enabled the plugin types you want.

Thank you - this was what I was looking for, worked for me.