effects don't save to project?

Audactiy 2.1.1
Windows 7

Recorded several tracks.
Opened a new project and moved one track into that one.
Closed original project I recorded in.
Applied effects to new project for “Mastering”.
Saved this new project.
Opened original project to record more. Effect settings are the same as my “Mastering” project.
How to get back to the settings I recorded at?

Typical newbie mistake? :confused:
I assumed audacity would save the effects to the project.

Some effects allow you to save settings as “presets”. For example, most of the built-in effects have a “Manage” button: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/manage_presets.html
If you don’t save a preset, then most effects will default to the last settings that were used. The settings are not “per project”.