Effects applied in audacity recordings

Hello, in the past weeks i have been applying reverb to my recordings and it has really been helping me out, the problem i am facing is that i left an audacity file with my recording in it untouched for two or three days and now i cant remember if i applied reverb to it. Is there a way to find out what (if any) effects have been applied to my recordings?
Thank you for your time and patience :smiley: .

If you haven’t closed Audacity, you can Edit > UNDO and it will step back through your effects. If there’s nothing there, then you didn’t apply reverb yet.

Once you closed Audacity, the UNDO history vanishes and you can’t do that.

There’s no good reliable way to tell the effects added to a sound file.

There’s a fuzzy way you might be able to get an idea. Apply Reverb again and listen. If it sounds bad, you probably already did it once. Edit > UNDO.


Ok thank you very much, i am going to try doing what you said.