Effects and selection

I have noticed, that some of effects started to work properly, but one problem is a selection. So, for example in Chimes delay (this is Nyquist plug-in) after applying Chimes delay, track is long, as It was before application. For better application, I must create one silent track, which can be longer, than original track and aply this effect after that. It is also same with another effect. I don’t know, if It is bug, or not.
Also, some effects works again. Good job.

This one? https://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyquist_Effect_Plug-ins#Chimes_delay

That effect will increase the length of the selection. That is intentional. As it says in the plug-in description, it is adding new “chime” notes many times.

Ofcourse, but problem is, that selection is same, not as It was before. I don’t know, if You understand. Same is in another Nyquist effect. So, I must generate also long silenced track and combine It with sound track.

No, I don’t understand.


Let me explain. A selection in some effect not must not be same. For example in Chimes delay only one short sound was enough to generate audio, not long sound with a big silence. For example, in delay effect there was one combo box, which was about to change track duration with aplying delay effect. I don’t know, how It was in English language, because I still use Audacity in Slovak.
Currently, lenght of selection is same. I don’t know, if It is a bug, or not, but It is current situation.
Or, I have applied Accesstrum (accessible spectrum) to sound. It worked again, but It is not full sweeping of sound, only this short form, which I have selected, not as It was before.

  1. If you are still having problems, download and install the most recent version of Audacity, 3.0.2 here: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/

  2. If that does not correct the problem, please post sample .wav files with complete instructions and parameters for using the plug-in. Also post screenshots. Please try to describe what it is doing and exactly how that differs from what you expect.

I have a latest version of Audacity. Nextly, I can record this example, but with screenshot will be problem. I am blind.

It will help if you can post sample .wav files with complete instructions and parameters for using the plug-in. Please try to describe what it is doing and exactly how that differs from what you expect.

I understand, that You have requested a sound to me.
But, I’ll try It differently. In delay effect is item enable change duration. This is combo box and It doesn’t change duration, althought It is selected option “yes”. So, It don’t change duration, althought I selected to change duration. And this thing is also in effects without enabling or disabling this option, so duration must be changed there also.

OK, I think I can reproduce this issue. We’ll need to get Steve back in here…

I now understand. (Thank you for your persistence :wink: )

It’s due to a recent change in the Nyquist library (the programming language used to create plug-ins such as “Chimes delay”).
In the new (current) version of Nyquist, for “effect” plug-ins, the output length cannot be longer than the selection.

This change was intended by the creator of the Nyquist library, so there may be no way to achieve the old behaviour.

To create a longer output than the input track, the selection needs to be extended beyond the end of the input track. For example:

The effect can then generate sound into the whole of the selection.

Thank you, Steve…

I’ve spoken with Professor Dannenberg (the creator of the Nyquist programming language) and he said that he’d look into this when he has time. For now, this issue has been logged on the Audacity issue tracker so that it doesn’t get forgotten about.

Thank You Steve.
Sorry for write You so lately, but I had also things in school, but now everything is OK.