Effect to deformate my voice

Hi! I would like to ask, what is this effect, because I wana using this effect, like this and what is tipe of this.

Here is preview, in Slovak language, when this effect is used.


Thanks! Marco Oros

Something like that?

Make a “Change Pitch” of -12 half-steps. You can also download “Rovee”, a free voice changer VST plug-in. It’s OK for such things. I’ve used the preset “Female to Male” - although it is already a male voice.
It produces additionally a slight tremolo or vibrato effect but you can make it more pronounced at the end of sentences: Apply the tremolo effect (I’ve used 20 Hz and a wet amount of 70 %) on certain phrases.
For other words, just select them and press ctrl-r (this repeats the last effect on the new selection).

No, this isn’t a pitch change. This is something, like without pitch and tone sound.

Sounds like the word “Dalek” is said during he first 5 seconds,
[ if so, Slovak Daleks are slightly different from the British originals ].
For a Dalek-effect you need a “ring modulator” plugin , e.g. …

I think to this vibration, what You heard. This is a preview composed of various passages from this audio drama in his various parts.