Effect mutron (nyquist plugin).

The effect mutron - I have a suspicion that there is a built-in normalization to 0 with any parameters. Or it is conceived by the author, otherwise it doesn’t work? Before applying (1), after applying (2).

More precisely, why, after the effect, the volume sharply changes in the big direction, to maximum? In my opinion, the author simply has forgotten to put in the parameters “Apply normalization: Yes - No”. Please, explain and correct the plugin, if necessary.

That particular Mutron plugin will always normalize to 0dB : the loudest peak will be at 0dB after processing.
If you change the 1.0 in the Mutron code to a lower number, say 0.5, the processed signal won’t be as loud.

(scale (/ > 1.0 > peakval)(mutron:core signal center depth bw mode))))