Effect Menu bug - arrow up resizes window; closes menu

Audacity version 2.1.3 on Windows 10

When I open the program it’s set to maximized as well it should be.
When I click on the effects menu arrow to scroll up too fast it acts like I double-clicked the window button to un-maximize and resizes the window and closes the menu. The latter part is more annoying than the window resize because where ever I was positioned on the menu undoes and I must click it again…carefully. Down works just fine, but the arrow at the top can only be clicked once per second. Any faster and it resizes the window.

Not sure if this has been reported or if a fix is in the works in the new pending release but it sure needs to be fixed.

We fixed this a loooong time ago now :wink:

The current version is 2.2.2 (with 2.3.0 maybe out at the end of the month)

You can get the latest Audacity release(s) from here: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/windows/


Right after I posted I installed. 2.1.3. The issue as I originally described is fixed, yes. :sunglasses:
But it still has some issues. :laughing:

When you get to the top though the arrow turns grey. If you double-click then it still resizes the window to be smaller at the bottom.

Also, It’s interacting with the maximize button condition. If I resize the window to fill the whole screen then hit maximize
double-clicking the arrow on the effect menu will make the window bounce and shorten the bottom.

I can only suggest that you install 2.2.2 and see what it does - no graying, rather it just cycles through the list.

And it’s the same in the upcoming 2.3.0

And it looks the same to me in 2.1.3 and 2.0.6 …


I typo’d the version. I installed 2.2.2 and it does still have this issue too.

Maybe this is something unique to my system. It’s actually acting like I double clicked in the window border.
The menu goes away every other click.

Here’s a quick video clip of the undesired event in-action:


Make sure you close all open Audacity windows and then run 2.2.2

If you already have an earlier version open and click the 2.2.2 it will actually run a second copy of the earlier version


It installed it into a different directory.

I removed the older version using the control panel.

From your video it would appear that you are actually (somehow) running a very old version of Audacity - In 2.2.2 and indeed even 2.1.3 there is at the the top of the Effect menu an entry Add / Remove Plug-ins which takes you to the plug-in manager dialog.

I see no trace of that in your video.

Try using Help > About Audacity to identify the version you are actually running.