Effect-Equalization... uncorrect work on multiple tracks

Audacity 2.0.5
Win7 x32
Got Audacity from sf.net as the .exe installer

  1. Open file1.wav 16000Hz
  2. Import file2.wav 8000Hz
  3. Select ALL
  4. Effect-Equalization… custom HF filter:
	<curve name="HF 1200Hz -40dB">
		<point f="0.000000000000" d="-40.000000000000"/>
		<point f="1200.000000000000" d="-40.000000000000"/>
		<point f="1200.000000000001" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="32000.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
  1. Result: equalization of file1.wav only (top track).

If I reorder tracks (open file1.wav 16000Hz, open file2.wav 8000Hz, move file2.wav 8000Hz to bottom)
or if I open first file2.wav 8000Hz, second file1.wav 16000Hz, equalization works correctly - result: equalization of all tracks.
2014-02-20 09_56_41-speech.jpg
2014-02-20 09_55_44-sound.jpg

Thanks for the good description. We have recently found out about this, but it’s a long-standing bug.

In the next 2.0.6 release of Audacity, your steps will produce an error message that all selected tracks must have the same sample rate.

Use Tracks > Resample… to resample all tracks to the same sample rate before using Equalization. If different sample rates are required, use a separate project window for each track.