Effect Change speed, new length is too big

Hello! Please, explain, how it happens. I apply “Change speed” with the settinng -50 %, minus. The origiinal track length is for instance3 min, The new length is expected to be 3+1.5=4.5 min. But the real length after applying is …about 6 min, double.

I can guess, the speed it two times less, 50 % of the original. therefore the lenght is two times more.

Right… If you drive at half the original speed it takes twice as long to get there. :wink:

Sometimes the language can be confusing… You could have a change of or by 1% which is a small change to 99% or 101% of the original.

Or you could have a huge change to 1% of the original and the math is different.

The Speed Multiplier is another clue.

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