Effect -> Amplify undoes Draw tool adjustments

When I flatten some high peaks with the Draw tool, then use Effect->Amplify to make the entire track louder, the flattened peaks return to their previous heights. In other words, Amplify reverses the Draw tool changes.

Is there some intermediate step I must take to make the Draw tool actions “take”?


Using Audacity 2.1.2 with no plug-ins.

Are you sure that you mean the “Draw” tool and not the “Envelope” tool? (see: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tools_toolbar.html)

My earlier response has not shown up, so I’ll reply again.

Yes, it’s the Draw tool. It looks like a pencil. I’ve attached a screenshot of the tools toolbar with the Draw tool selected.

Have you tried this sequence on a Mac?

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Yes. Please post before and after screenshots and tell us what setting you use in Amplify.


Yes, but I don’t see any problem.

Here’s a sequence of screenshots. File names are self-descriptive (I hope).

Will submit another reply with the final two screenshots.
4 windowplus005 Zoom out with Cmd-F.png
3 windowplus003 Peaked has been leveled off with Draw tool.png
2 windowplus002 Zoomed in to show samples at unwanted peak.png
1 windowplus000 Waveform showing unwanted peak.png

Final two screenshots.
6 windowplus007 Unwanted peak returns after Amplify applied.png
5 Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.22.28 AM showing Amplify values prefilled by Audacity.png

It looks like you’ve amplified just the tiny selection containing the peak. If you want to amplify the entire track, select the track first and then apply the Amplify effect. A quick way to select the entire track is to click on an empty part of the control panel on the left end of the track.

I think you’re right.

Well, better an ID-10-T error than needing to do some arcane system diagnosis.

I’ll have to re-train myself out of this recently learned error pattern!

Thank you.

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Effect → Amplify seems to undo Draw tool adjustments


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