Efectos de voz con Audacity/Voice effects with Audacity

Hola estimados,

Deseo hacer jingles, cuñas y separadores para la Radio.

Estoy comenzando a usar el programa Audacity y tengo unas muestras que deseo saber como hacer esos efectos con este programa.

En el archivo 24 horas sale 2 efectos, cuando se nombra la radio que sale en ambos canales de los cascos y al final.

En el archivo exito_corto cuando dice “un exito”, la palabra “un” tiene también un efecto.

Si alguien sabe como conseguirlos con Audacity les agradezco, o sugerirme otro programa para lograr algo parecido.
Un abrazo.
Juan Amores

-----------* ENGLISH TRANSLATION-----------*

Hello dears,

I want to make jingles, wedges and separators for the Radio.

I am starting to use the Audacity program and I have some samples that I want to know how to make those effects with this program.

In the file 24 hours, 2 effects are output, when the radio that comes out in both channels of the helmets and at the end is named.

In the file exito_corto when it says “a success” (“un exito”), the word “a” ("un) also has an effect.

If anyone knows how to get them with Audacity, I thank them for sharing the information.
Thank you
A hug.
Juan Amores

The “24Hour” example has an oscillating panning effect.
You will need a plugin to do that in Audacity,
like this one … https://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyquist_Effect_Plug-ins#Panning_.28LFO.29

pan delayed by 15ms.gif
Adding 15 milliseconds at the start of the panned track adds a delay.

Thank you Trebor for sharing that effect for the 24 hour file.

If someone knows what effect is applied to the other file (“success_short”) I appreciate the information.

A greeting

That effect includes a strong comb-filter.
A similar result can be achieved If you paste the code below into Audacity’s nyquist prompt

(mult 0.5 (feedback-delay *track*  0.0066666 0.9))

code pasted into nyquist prompt.png
The combed audio will require equalization to match the example : cut-bass & boost-treble.