Editting vocal clips into "thought"

I’m a little new to Audacity, and there’s one thing I’m trying to figure out.

What do I need to do in order to make a sound clip sound like it is being thought, instead of being said out loud? It usually involves a little bit of an echo, and sounds a little more wispy than a normal sound clip.

I’ve had a go, before-After(s) attached …

I removed all the frequencies below 250Hz, then applied ANWIDA reverb on default settings,
The second “after” has dynamic range compression.

If your recording is in stereo convert it to mono for the “voice in head” effect.
[ Convert “Stereo track to mono” is in Audacity (1.3)’s “Tracks” menu ].

Curious thing - that technique is often used in stage production, but on TV and film they usually do the opposite - record with microphone really close and no reverb, so that the voice has a lot of low end frequencies and sounds really “close” (like the voice is in your, or their, head). When combined with a close-up of the persons face, it is obvious that they are not talking out loud.