editting parameters

I am using audacity 2.4.2 and when i chose increase playback volume for flac files audacity wont allow editting and that area is greyed out.

Are you talking about the Amplify effect? The “Amplification (dB)” field will be greyed out if the peak amplitude of the selection is already 0dB.
– Bill

Hi thanks for the reply. No i am talking about editing parameters in macros then saving those settings for future use, when i add increase playback volume the edit tab is greyed out not allowing changes.

Heres a screenshot.
Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 16.11.38.jpg

Hi i have been a bit daft, i could not remember what it was i set before to increase volume. As you stated it is ‘amplify’ and not increase playback volume! Thank you for the help.

Bill and others can probably give you more information about this macro command. I do not believe audacity currently takes any parameters for this “Increase Playback Volume” macro. With no parameters, the command increases the volume, probably by 10%.

I suspect these macros were provided to make it easier to set up hot-keys.

You could always put in a request to add a paramter. :smiley: