Editng Long Series Of Voicemails to Individual Voicemails

I’m new to Audacity and not very techy. I just joined http://www.voicemailsforever.com yesterday be able to download my cellphone voicemails to mp3 files on my computer. I foolishly presumed each message would be downloaded as an individual mp3, with none of the voicemail instructions included. What I got is a single mp3, with all the messages back to back, and the instructions in between each message asking me if I want to save it or delete it etc. Can someone explain the basics to me, and I’m not very techy, on how to use Audacity to just clip out each individual voice message without any voicemail instructions, and then paste it as a separate mp3 file on my computer, so I can listen to any message any time without having to play the whole list and here the voicemail instructions over and over?

Install the LAME MP3 encoder from http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html#lame.

Drag-select the first message in the blue waves then hold CTRL and press B on your computer keyboard to label that section. Do the same for all the following messages.

Then File > Export Multiple… and choose MP3 as the Export Format. This will export each labelled section as a separate MP3 file. Note that you will lose audio quality by doing this because each MP3 will be re-encoded, but it should not be an audible loss given it is only speech rather than music.

If you can’t select and label all the messages in one go, use File > Save Project… to save your work then open the saved AUP Audacity Project file to resume work.


All the cell phone voicemail messages are contained in one big mp3 file. How do I use Audacity to cut each individual voicemail message out of the big mp3 file containing all the voicemail messages, into individual voicemail message files?

I know that. In the one big MP3, drag-select the area corresponding to the first message (excluding the instructions), label that area.

Then drag-select the area corresponding to the second message (excluding the instructions) label that area, until you have labelled all the messages.

Then Export Multiple.

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