editingnsound tracks

I recentlyn installed Audacity 3.0.0 and have two problems:

  1. When I used 2.4.2 and saved an edited music file it appeared on my desktop from where I placed it in the appropriate music file. With the latest version I don’t seem to have any control over where that file is saved but it is saved to Documents and I can not always place it in the appropriate file - it just won’t move. It will eventually move but only after a few tries.

  2. when I was using the older version the edited files played with a uniform volume. Now there is a brief (a few seconds) at the beginning of the recording where the volume is higher before the rest of the recording volume fades. I am not certain this is solely due to the change to the most recent version of Audacity, but I have only it since installing the new version.

  1. With Audacity 3.0.0 you can now choose where a project is saved and where files are exported to. See the Directories Preferences.

  2. Was the track recorded with the high volume at the start (look at the waveform to tell), or is it just on playback? You can confirm whether or not the track was recorded with high volume at the start by exporting as WAV and playing the file back in Quicktime Player.

– Bill