I am on windows 10. I have an audio file that I recorded on Audacity and I want to stop the recording halfway through and post half of it for a podcast. My question was how do I do that without losing the other half of the audio file, or have the other half of the audio file play when the first half was done. Thank you!

Hello Michael.
I know less than most people, but this sounds to me as if you want to split a recorded track into a “first half” and a “second half”, to be played back at separate times.
For each half, I would
(1) Choose File, New to create a new project
(2) Select a half from the original track, copy and paste that half into the new project
(3) In the new project choose File, Export to save that half to a separate file
(4) Repeat (1) through (3) for the second half.
You should end up with your original track unchanged (BigTrack.FLAC) and two tracks about half-size FirstHalf.FLAC and Secondhalf.FLAC.

have the other half of the audio file play when the first half was done.

While editing after the fact isn’t that hard, editing during the fact can be pretty entertaining.

Start the recording as normal and let it go to the end. Start a recording on the second computer, stop it half-way, edit and cleanup as needed, and post it. If you got lucky, the two directions of data streams in your internet connection will not conflict with each other. Try an unimportant recording once and make sure you have all the parts accounted for.

I don’t know of any way to do all that on one machine.

When I get a new machine, I don’t automatically trash the old one. The old one frequently has something non-fatal wrong with it like a sticking key or non-responsive touch pad. Perfect for the second machine in this scenario.


If I misunderstood and you’re doing all this off-line, open the whole show and (if you’re on Audacity 3.1.3) File > Save Project > Backup Project.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 7.53.12 AM.png
It’s important that will give you a separate Project of the whole show without any links to your edit. Then go ahead and edit your half-show, export or save as needed. It should be possible to open up your backup project which contains the whole show and edit your brains out. I would personally close Audacity in the middle between the two shows, but that’s just me.


It’s also possible to edit your half-show, save or export it, and then Edit > UNDO to get back to the original, full length show. That’s time consuming, subject to error, and just begging for problems, but it does work. You can’t close Audacity at all while you’re doing it this way.

Projects do not save UNDO.

It is strongly recommended that you have a separate backup copy of the show in case Audacity does something messy during the edit and it destroys the show.