I have one audio file which is 28 minutes. I need to cut few parts from this audio file. For example, from 3:25 to 4:15, 8:15 to 9:13, 13:08 to 14:13. How can I select these parts at the same time on the timeline. I was looking for an answer but everywhere people shows how to cut only one part from the song.

Thank you

You can’t.
The time selection can only be one continuous selection with one start time and one end time.

The way you would do that, assuming that you are working to a list of times, would be:

  1. Select 13:08 to 14:13
  2. Delete
  3. Select 8:15 to 9:13
  4. Delete
    and so on.

By working from the final edit ‘backwards’, the earlier times are not affected by the edits.

Ok, thank you very much.