I downloaded a tape recording and not having time I saved the recording to edit later as advised on the Audacity web site. I expected to see the sound track when reloading the saved file so that I could edit in the normal way but all I got was a blank. I assume that if I transferred to music to a CD or mp3 player it would do so as a complete unit and not divided into tracks. How can I edit without an audio line?

That wording is not clear. Did you record from a USB tape deck? Or did you record from a cassette deck connected to a USB record player?

Are you using Windows 8, or is this a different computer to your last one? What version of Audacity? Please see the pink panel at the top of the page.

Did you Save Project or Export? The two are very different.

Did you see an error message? If so, please tell us exactly what the error says.