Hi folks.

I haven’t used Audacity in years. Now I am having to learn it all over again. I am ripping my CD’s to FLAC using EAC. Those cd’s that are “live”, I’d like to edit out all the talking and long applauses. Once I’ve completed all the editing, how do I save the work ?

File → Export. Under Save as type you’ll find an option for FLAC.

That didn’t work. Wouldn’t it show up in properties ? It states the type of file: File

How old is your Audacity? The current version is 2.0.5. We haven’t managed export specifications in the Preferences in a long time.



If you have put dots in the exported file name, don’t, or if you need dots, add .flac at the end of the file name before you save the file in Audacity.

See Audacity Manual .