Just need easy steps to delete part of an audio file. Would like to know how to delete the first minute and also how to delete a section within the file.
Thanks from the newbie.

[u]Editing Tutorial[/u]

Select/highlight the part you want to delete and hit the delete key on your keyboard. :wink:

In general, audio editing is not that easy… You’ll have to learn the software, and some concepts and terminology if you are not already familiar with it. So, read the manual and some tutorials, jump-in and start learning/experimenting!

You may want to use Edit → Find zero Crossings so that you don’t cut in the middle of the waveform causing a “click” or a “glitch”. And, when you delete something out of the middle, you might want to use a short crossfade when you re-join the audio

Audacity 2.0.5
Windows 8


When I use the z key (zero crossings), the waveforms rarely match up. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

“Z” (find zero crossing) can only work reliably with mono tracks. On stereo tracks the zero crossing points may be in different places, so the effect just does the best it can.
For stereo tracks you may want to zoom in close and adjust the selection manually.