Sorry to be ignorant. First time user, have read the tutorial but can’t do a simple edit. Using Windows 7 & Audacity 2.0.5

Just trying to chop a bit off the start of an MP3. Selected the section to cut in the Selection Toolbar but then ctrl + X doesn’t work. Can’t work out what step I’m not doing. Please help.

I saw in a previous post that you have to stop the track instead of pausing it in order to edit, cut, or paste.

Thanks, missyh.


You’re quite welcome, Gale. Now if someone can assist me with my situation regarding importing that would be great.

OK but that is a separate topic Importing only part of a file . I had already replied to it.


Got it. I’m a new user and thought the reply would show up in my new messages.


Make sure when you go to Importing only part of a file that you are subscribed to that topic so that we send you an e-mail when someone replies. There is a button at the bottom. If it says “Subscribe topic”, click it to subscribe.


Fantastic, it works - people do find answers on the forum. That’s made my day :smiley:

I see that Gale is already onto that. :slight_smile: