I am completely new 2 Audacity & need some help. I am creating a demo (medley) 4 a press package 4 my band and need 2 get it done ASAP as I have someone waiting 4 it. I used the manual 2 guide me & was able 2 import & edit the clips of the songs in2 a 10 min medley. However, I wasn’t able 2 figure out how 2 get the clips 2 fade in and out. So I saved the project & planned 2 finish 2day. Now I’m trying 2 retrieve the project. But when I searched the project it seems 2 exist in many, multiple files instead of 1. Can u pls explain & tell me what I should do. I hope that I don’t have 2 do the project all over again. Also, how do I get the tracks 2 fade in & out of one another seamlessly? As I said, I tried 2 follow the manual’s instructions but was unsuccessful. I’d appreciate any help. Thnx

U shld b ok if U C https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/extract-a-vocal-from-a-song-and-keep-the-vocal/4644/8

& http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Splitting_a_recording_into_separate_tracks

Thnx. But these links remedy a different issue. I don’t want silence in between the tracks. I want them 2 fade in & out of one another.

Could we use proper English please.

Firstly - work only on copies of your recordings, not on the originals. Keep the originals safe as a backup.

When you import multiple files Audacity will import them one above the other like this:
Use the Time Shift tool to move them so that they follow on one from another, but leave a little overlap like this:
Zoom in on the overlap section between the first and second track and adjust the position of the second track so that the tracks “fit” nicely. Here I’ve highlighted the section that I intend to cross-fade:
Trim off the excess audio from the end of track 1 and from the beginning of track 2 (use Split Delete)
Then apply “Effect menu > Fade Out” to the end of the first track and “Effect > Fade In” to the start of the second track.
Repeat this process to make a cross-fade between tracks 2 and 3, but take care to not move track 2 when you are doing so.

When you have finished, export the project to create a mixed-down audio file.

Ok. Solved the 1st part. I found & was able 2 open the project. Now I just need help getting the fading issue resolved. Thnx

If you have found many, many files with names ending in .au, you are looking in the wrong place.

You should search for the file that has a name ending in .aup
Can you see your project in Audacity’s File → Recent Files menu? Again, look for something that ends in .aup


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I know that it takes time to type whole words, but hopefully the time that I spent in replying, with full words, complete sentences and illustrations, is more helpful than if I’d just typed “rtfm” (which would have been a lot quicker and easier for me).

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No: http://www.rtfm.com/ - write to info@rtfm.com and ask…

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The language used in Audacity documentation is Americanised English. Personally I’d prefer that they used English, but at least it is not all written in abbreviations and smilies.

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And my suggestion was meant for serious. See their Contact Information page and write to info@rtfm.com for general information.

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